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Our News


     09/20/2018  We are so honored to have been asked to breed Hakan to GC CaliCats Ursa Minor. The kittens are as beautiful as we could have imagined!  The available kittens from that litter are posted on our kitten page.Take a quick peek! If interested in this litter please contact the handler Kathryn Queen at https://www.facebook.com/kathryn.queen.3 or  405 923-0246 


We are accepting deposits for two litters due in October and November. Please feel free to contact us about them.


More pics and updates can be seen on our facebook page:





09/17/2018   Two of our newest girls attended the KansasKatz show in Withchita this weekend. A very successful weekend it was! 


Dawntreader Bailey of MyLuckyStars was given two best of breeds and received one final for 4th best kitten out of 25. She is only 6 months old so we were quite excited about her debut! She received many remarks about her wonderful pattern, grooming and her structure. She had two judges comment on how perfect she was in relation to the breed standards!  Thank you Mistelle Stevenson for this beautiful girl!!!



Ttcats Beatrice of MyLuckyStars received glowing reviews from two judges known for their knowledge of genetics and confirmation in the Maine Coon breed. One of the comments was that she has the best confirmation from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail that has been seen in a very long time! This breed needs cats of this qualityand she should be documented! We could not be any prouder! Thank you Terri and Mike Toulze for this beautiful girl!!!!  Her finals she was place in were a Best Cat and Second Best Cat in the specialty rings with 25 cats being judged and a Third and Fourth Best Cat in All Breed Rings with 45 being judged. Photo Credit to Helmi Flick




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